Emerald Organic will seek to offer each client a personalized maintenance program specific to the client’s needs and budget. The following primary services will be offered through Emerald Organic with the understanding that customizations will be made or additional services will be added when necessary.

Air Spade

Air Spade service enables removal of excess soil from the trunk of the tree (root flair excavation) and perform Radial Trenching to alleviate soil compaction (caused by construction, etc.) without causing damage to delicate roots.

Cabling and Bracing

Alternatives to tree removal include cabling and bracing whereby artificial support is added to weak limbs / crotches usually in combination with pruning to preserve valuable trees.

Deer Repellant and Fencing

Given the prevalence of deer population in the area, a 100% natural deer repellant program effectively protects valuable trees and shrubs from costly damage. Each application lasts approximately three months.
In addition, installing deer fencing offers an alternative long term solution utilizing low visibility deer fencing to eliminate deer from a property.


Tree fertilizer is a must for preserving the health of client landscapes. Organic blends replenish the nutrients lost by constant removal of leaves and damage caused by soil compaction due to high volume foot traffic and lack of organic matter in the soil.

Lightning Protection

Lightning protection is performed to ANSI A300 standards and necessary to protect any specimen tree from the destructive force of a lightening strike.

Plant Health Care

Plant Health Care is a holistic program serving an entire property through understanding, balancing and maintaining the shared common resources of trees, shrubs and lawn. The program is designed to preserve the overall health of a landscape by utilizing a combination of the following practices: prevention, monitoring and application of the most earth friendly products available to deal with insect, mite and disease problems. Water and mulch issues are additional common concerns that are also addressed. Programs are customized to specifically fit the client’s needs and budget.

Stump Removal

Grind unsightly tree stumps to accommodate planting of a replacement tree or add soil and seed to blend with lawn. State of the art stump grinder can handle any size stump and access most areas.

Tick Control

With an excessive deer population in the region, Lyme disease is also more prevalent. A tick control program using organic or chemical controls combined with landscape modification can reduce the number of ticks on a property and help homeowners protect their families and pets from the devastating affects of Lyme disease.

Tree Inspection

Regular tree and shrub inspection is aimed at preserving expensive landscape investments by monitoring the health and vigor of plant life and detecting insect and disease problems before they become serious. Initial inspections will specifically seek to identify decay/dieback, which are generally signs of problems that began years earlier.

Tree Preservation

Construction Planning /Tree Preservation – Trees are often damaged during construction. If this damage goes unnoticed and remains untreated, two to four years later beautiful established trees seemingly fail overnight. Causes of construction related tree failure include: physical injury to the trunk or crown, cutting of major roots, soil compaction, grade changes (smothering), etc. Consulting services in early stages of construction planning addresses these problems and preserve the integrity of the landscape.

Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning reduces hazards, improves health, preserves and increases aesthetic beauty and improves overall structural integrity.

Tree Removal

Typically as a last resort trees are removed utilizing state of the art equipment and techniques to safely remove even the most difficult trees while protecting the home and property.